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Xehq of Lemarhia (Character sheet)

Wed Apr 22, 2015, 2:22 PM

[If you are not interested in character information, you might as well skip this journal.]

Xehq is my newest creation and demands so much attention, that I decided to fill out a character sheet for him. Have fun reading this.... or just ignore it, if not interested. :)

Pilot by Mavrosh Goodbye Home by Mavrosh Xehq by Mavrosh

:bulletblue: FULL NAME: Xehqyr'na Arazha Nrm'Zulzah.
:bulletblue: MEANING: Xehqyr'na The Quick, son of Zulzah.
:bulletblue: NICKNAME: Xehq.
:bulletblue: ACTUAL AGE: 178 human years.
:bulletblue: RESIDENCE: The "Navarrha", a huge spaceship.
:bulletblue: AGE APPEARANCE: Ummm... in his best (alien) years!
:bulletblue: SPECIES: Lemarh, a humanoid species from the planet Lemarhia.
:bulletblue: GENDER: Male.
:bulletblue: SEXUAL PREFERANCE: Hetero.
:bulletblue: MARITAL STATUS: Given but due to his  story, ne might as well be single (Explanation follows).
:bulletblue: KIDS: One daughter, still a child.
:bulletblue: OCCUPATION: Soldier / (fighter) pilot.

(Really!) short summary of his situation
Xehq is a pilot and belongs to the crew of a huge spaceship which left his homeworld to explore the space and look for resources. This big ship has a small fleet of little hunter / fighter ships on it, just in case of emergency and Xehq belongs to the ones that fly those machines. It needs very good fitness and reflexes to be able to control these things.
Unfortunately the mission, which aimed to only last a few years, totally went wrong and the motherhip had trouble with a wormhole anomaly and so they ended up far far away from their home planet, never being able to come back home again due to the distance. It would actually take them many many generations to get back, so their search for resources or even a good planet to live was even more important now. Having a woman at home and being a father, this is a very hard situation for Xehq, but over the years he got used to it, even though it still hurts him of course. The incident happened about two and a half years ago.


:bulletblue: HAIR COLOR: No hair.
:bulletblue: HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Well, his kind is hairless.
:bulletblue: EYES COLOR: Violet.
:bulletblue: HEIGHT: About 1,96 m.
:bulletblue: ABNORMALITIES: No, not for his kind. We would find his look rather unusual though: His skin is duo-toned and varies between red and blue (with some desaturated shades of violet in between) and on top of his skull, his chest and his back, also a bit on arms and legs, he has a kind of swirly skin pattern. His ears are pointed , small and close to his head. He has so called "Membrynes" which are bone / horn like areas of his head on his forehead and temples, also there is some of them which look like small horns of a reddish color in this area where us humans have hair. These belong to a complex organ of perceptiopn that his kind has which lets them sense empathically and read the emotions of others (If they allow to) on a telepathic base. Hard to explain actually. Other than that, their visible anatomy is not that much different from our own.
:bulletblue: FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Charming but sarcastic.
:bulletblue: SKIN COLOR: Already described.
:bulletblue: BODY TYPE/BUILD: Slender and well-defined, rather athelthic.
:bulletblue: DEFAULT EXPRESSION: Curious.
:bulletblue: PIERCINGS: None.
:bulletblue: DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: Rough, deep, friendly..
:bulletblue: WEAPON OF CHOICE: His ship! Being a soldier, he is trained in close combat.


:bulletblue: ..WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: He is a serious but friendly person.
:bulletblue: ..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY LIKE YOU): Friendly and helpful. he is the kind of guy you would want to have a drink with.... or maybe two.
:bulletblue: ..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): You for sure will know then!
:bulletblue: POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: He is a very faithful character and also he has a very strong will. He is loyal as long as he has reasons to believe in what or whom he is loyal to but he also thinks on his own, asks many questions, is curious.
:bulletblue: NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: He is stubborn and his curiosity does not alwqays help him. He sometimes does not have the feeling for the right moment to stop. He also tends to abuse drugs sometimes.
:bulletblue: FAVORITE COLOR: Blue.
:bulletblue: FAVORITE FOOD: Meat.
:bulletblue: FAVORITE ANIMAL: Memous. Birdlike little creatures on his homeworld.
:bulletblue: FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Nah.
:bulletblue: FAVORITE ELEMENT: Water
:bulletblue: LEAST FAVORITE COLOR: Yellow.
:bulletblue: LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: I have no idea.
:bulletblue: LEAST FAVORITE ANIMAL: None that I know of.
:bulletblue: LEAST FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: None that I know of.
:bulletblue: LEAST FAVORITE ELEMENT: None that I know of.
:bulletblue: HOBBIES: Sports. His pilot job means that he has to stay fit and he needs to train his reflexes. THis takes a lot of time of his daily life. being so far away from home, you gotta be ready every second, you know... Other than that he likes to read and to paint.
:bulletblue: DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: Yes, sometimes, unfortunately. The situation he is in is not always easy.
:bulletblue: SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: Sweets!
:bulletblue: OPINION ON SWEARING: Oh yes, of course! Needs a good rhythm.
:bulletblue: COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: Warm, almost hot.
:bulletblue: SLEEPING PATTERN: When he is allowed, he could stay in bed forever.
:bulletblue: DESIRED PET: None.
:bulletblue: HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: As mentioned above - sports and also painting, reading, listening to music...
:bulletblue: FEARS: He still hopes for a miracle, so he can see again his family, especially his daughter, which he loves with all his heart. He is afraid of never being able to see her ever again.
:bulletblue: DRUNK TYPE: Aggressive, if too much.


:bulletblue: DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: He does, yes.
:bulletblue: HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY,ETC): He seems to be shy. Believe me, he is not.
:bulletblue: GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS KLUTZY: Gentleman.
:bulletblue: GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: That always depends on the situation.
:bulletblue: TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFF PEOPLE: He believes in love. But he also collected his experiences...
:bulletblue: WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: Oh, just the right ones. he papys attention to little signals of the other person.
:bulletblue: TYPE OF KISSER: Intense... which also has to do with the way, the Lemarh have sex.
:bulletblue: DO THEY WANT KIDS: Not any more. On his planet, every person is just allowed to have one child.
:bulletblue: ARE THEY ROMANTIC: Totally.
:bulletblue: HOW ARE THEY IN BED: Good and experienced. His curious character also shows there, he is pretty open for new things.
:bulletblue: TOYS?: Hell, why not.
:bulletblue: FETISHES: Nothing serious.
:bulletblue: S+M: Not his thing.
:bulletblue: GET JEALOUS EASY: Yes.
:bulletblue: WIFE/HUBBY BEATER: Never! he is way to gentle-minded for something like this.
:bulletblue: MARRY FOR MONEY: Not.
:bulletblue: FAVORITE POSITION: Lady on top.
:bulletblue: OPINION ON SEX: He has a normal sex drive but he misses it of course, now that he is far away from home. Yes, there is ladies on the huge ship as well and for his species, he is a rather attractive man, but he is not the kind of character that jumps into bed with every lady now, that his own family is unreachable. When the heat cycle will get to him (his kind does have this), he might most likely take medication so it goes away without him  taking any nerve damage or going to bed with a lady but since there is a few years still until this happens, I cannot say this for sure. (And before someone asks, of course his kind has sex as well when not in this heat cycle but when this cycle hits them, they just HAVE to have sex and are totally driven by this, so that they are not themselves any more and think about nothing else any more until they do it until they are exhausted for weeks, hahaha... But some meds can help with these hormons. If this cycle is not "lived" or "treated", the Lemarh has a very high risk of taking serious nerve damage. Yes, both genders have this.)

Thank you very much for reading! :) Sorry for all the typos, I tried my best and will correct the worst ones tomorrow when it is not getting close to midnight. ;)


Mavrosh Stratiotis
Artist | Professional | Varied
Like me on facebook!… :heart:

Mavrosh Stratiotis, female, thirty-something years old, single, one child.

Works as media designer professionally but displays her private work only with this profile. Job is job and hobby is hobby.

:bulletpink: Preferred medium (privately): Digital mixed media. Loves texture work, character creation, lighting 3D scenes and painting digitally. Has her origins within the traditional arts actually.
:bulletpink: Artwork: Fantasy and science-fiction illustration, focussed on MALE characters since there is so many good people out there that focus on female characters. Erotic work can be found as well as violent work, so in case this is intimidating in what way ever for anyone - simply don´t look.


Please take a look at this before you send me a note, asking about commissions, trades or requests. This might answer your question beforehand. ;)

Commission Status: CLOSED
Trades: CLOSED (and if open, for friends only)
Requests: Never open for this, I am sorry.

Can Mavroshs work be used for... ?

It always depends. While I am totally fine with people taking my illustrations for RP forums to illustrate their own characters, I do not accept the following:

:bulletred: Altering, as for example deleting signature or watermark. I would like people to know who made this.
:bulletred: Uploading my work into facebook galleries. Why? Because of facebooks TOS about pictures and copyrights. Every picture has a share button beside it, you may of course use this function instead.
:bulletred: Commercial use of any kind is strictly forbidden! My lawyer will hunt you down, if you try!

And in case, your questions have not been answered here, feel free to send me a note! I don´t bite! :heart:

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